Clean Energy Partners

Clean Energy Partners (CEP) is an initiative of the Columbus Partnership, with the goal is to accelerate the clean energy transition in the Columbus Region.

CEP works in support of the sustainability efforts of Smart Columbus. Being the home of environmentally sustainable practices ensures our market is a more competitive place for people to live, businesses to start and expand, and prosperity to grow.

CEP offers advising and clean energy solutions to companies, nonprofits, and government agencies. These solutions have been developed through deep engagement with the public and private communities and extensive market research.

Clean energy solutions include:

Corporate Clean Power

A retail renewable energy purchase that provides new wind and solar electricity from the local grid to your electricity accounts.

Onsite Solar

Solar advising for behind the meter, onsite solar projects. CEP will run the solar RFP process so companies deploy the most impactful, cost effective project with an unbiased approach.


All these solutions are carefully crafted to transition organizations to clean energy sources while maximizing impact to the Central Ohio community.

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Zach McGuire
Director, Clean Energy Partners