Columbus Brand and Identity

As Columbus continues on a growth trajectory, it is increasingly important to understand the ways our region is and should be recognized across the country and around the world.

To increase awareness of Columbus as an ideal place to live, work and play, the Partnership works across organizations and sectors to advance place branding and marketing efforts.

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We champion the promotion of Columbus by:


Stewarding brand collaboration.

The Partnership is one member of coalition of civic and public partners working together to drive Columbus brand alignment.


Leveraging civic, academic, private and public resources and participation.

The Partnership works to create and launch programs and platforms that encourage cross-sector adoption and advocacy of the Columbus brand.

Uplifting the impact of promotional efforts by individual organizations.

The Partnership amplifies individual place marketing efforts of organizations across Columbus, while identifying new opportunities for brand and marketing collaboration.


Building identity.

We recognize that the values of the Columbus Way are a key differentiator that sets our region apart. The Partnership works to ensure the ongoing practice and legacy of the Columbus Way, as it is core to who we are as a community and what we collectively project about Columbus.


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Irene Alvarez
Vice President, Brand Marketing and Communications