Government Affairs and Public Policy

The Columbus Partnership team and our members identify opportunities to advance policies that support economic growth and our vision for prosperity at the local, state and federal levels of government.

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Economic Competitiveness Agenda

The Partnership actively promotes a comprehensive policy agenda that focuses on issues that affect business and economic competitiveness in the Columbus Region.


Connectivity with Elected Officials

The Partnership interfaces with public officials and their staff to ensure that priorities of the business community are being discussed throughout every sector of government.


Policy Leadership

We weigh in on important policy issues that have a significant impact on the One Columbus economic development mission, smart city-focused initiatives and other topics that affect the advancement of the Columbus Region. The Partnership initiates and enhances collaboration with key stakeholders to ensure a focus on important policy issues.


Washington, D.C. Advocacy

The Partnership regularly convenes meetings with leaders in the nation’s capital to discuss federal policy priorities.

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Jeff Polesovsky
Vice President, Public Policy

Gerard Basalla
Associate Director, Public Policy